Zettie Jones
A milestone was acheived in 2003 when Zettie Jones was inducted into the Arkansas Outdoor Hall of Fame having earned a position among the ranks of our nation's leading wildlife artist. Born in Stuttgart, Arkansas she was raised on a rice farm along the banks of the Bayou Meto. Here she grew up hunting and observing the game that is abundant in this region. A self-taught artist, Zettie’s paintings are a mirror into her life and passions. Her style & subjects are as varied as her interests. Handling meticulous detail as easily as impressionism. Plus the proficiency to capture the bold drama of wild game, or the softer side of nature with floral and songbirds.
The Arkansas Game and Fish was instrumental in launching her career in 1984. They featured her painting of "The Old Duck Hunter" on their annual calendar.  That haunting scene of an aging hunter reminiscing upon his youth & hunts captivated audiences worldwide. Since then her career has been marked with numerous accomplishments that has spread her recognition. Her illustrations grace the covers and pages of many prominate magazines and books. She has designed Trout, Turkey, and Duck stamps. An avid hunter and conservationist, her pictures are featured regularly with various organizations. Delta Waterfowl, Ducks Unlimited, The National Wild Turkey Federation, Quail Unlimited, and Whitetail Unlimited are just a few who have raised millions of dollars to fund  wildlife & habitat programs through the benefit of Zettie’s  art.
Zettie and her husband, Kenneth, carry-out their own passion for wildlife & habitat on their farm outside of Stuttgart. Each year they are engaged in the planting trees and shrubs; developing food plots, santuaries and waterways to benefit all creatures. “ THE CREATION OF THIS DIVERSE HABITAT IS MY GRAND MASTER PIECE & WHERE I DRAW MUCH OF MY INSPIRATION", states the artist.
Zettie Jones is semi-retired now after spending years traveling across the country exhibiting at shows. Occasionally she accepts a commission request. However, the artist has become content to putter in the garden & wander about her farm to hunt, fish, & just admire its natural beauty.