Phillip Crowe

My grandfather hunted quail during The Depression. He passed this legacy down to my father. And when I turned 15, I received my first shotgun. My dad had an English Setter we called “Alex”. When I turned 17, I got my first English Setter, Buckeye. We spent 9 years together, doing what we loved—bird hunting.  The outdoors have always been in my blood and they taught me to respect and love the outdoors… Fifty years later, I still feel the same.

After receiving my education at Ringling School of Art & Design in Sarasota, Florida, and serving in the US Army, I started my art career. I began in the advertising world and loved it from the very start.  I learned things pretty quickly, but the only thing that felt missing from my life was the outdoors. There just wasn’t any time to experience it with deadlines, clients, and travel required. I started to paint to find relief from the daily grind.

With my wife’s blessing, I started painting wildlife full time.

What an incredible life!


I have met, traveled, hunted, and fished with some of the most wonderful people in this world. I have come full circle with my love for the outdoors and creating a space where my art and creativity can thrive. Conservation of wildlife will always live inside of me.

Thanks to all those who have supported my journey.