Larry Chandler


"As a portrait painter, I learned the anatomy of human eyes and how to capture the mood and expression in them. Now, I can translate that knowledge to animals, both domestic and wild, to give them more life-like qualities." - Larry Chandler

Artist Larry Chandler was born in Alabama on June 25, 1951. He became interested in art at a very early age. His dad was a talented artist and helped inspire Larry to draw well before he started grade school. Frequent hunting trips with his dad and brother growing up exposed Larry to nature and all its wonders. While out in the field, Larry learned to pay close attention to his wildlife subjects - their detail, habits and surroundings. Most of Larry's early paintings were watercolors and pastels. Later, he was introduced to oils by a neighbor who also painted. This proved to be the medium he chose for his future artwork.


Although he always loved painting wildlife, much of Larry's early works were portraits of people. After seeing paintings of African game by his highly-regarded artist friend Michael Schreck, who had taken many photographs on a trip to Africa, Larry became reinspired to concentrate on wildlife. At that point in time, Larry could paint almost anything, but he found accurately depicting animals in their natural habitat to be the most challenging.


Larry began entering art competitions and painting covers for magazines in 1988. After earning top honors from judges in several competitions, he gained the courage to sell his successful sign company and go into art full time. He gained national attention when his design of Redheads was chosen as winner of the 1991-92 Alabama Duck Stamp Contest. He was commissioned to design 3 wildlife conservation stamps and prints for the State of Arkansas and designed others for Waterfowl USA and the Tennessee Valley Waterfowl Association. His Pintail design recently won the 2002-03 Alabama Duck Stamp Contest.


Larry has been National Artist of the Year for Ducks Unlimited (twice), Quail Unlimited, Waterfowl USA and his art hangs in the Smithsonian Institution. He has done artwork for The Franklin Mint, Lennox Co., The Hamilton Collection, SeaBrook Wallpaper Company, Spillsbury Puzzle Company, Ravensburger Puzzle Company, Manuel Wood Workers and Weavers, Goodwin Weavers, Fine Art Creations and Marathon Apparel to name a few. Larry painted a variety of subject matter, but his popular sporting dog portraits brought him the acclaim that earned him commissions in several fields of art. Sadly, Larry passed away March 17, 2007 due to complications from pneumonia. He was only 55 years old and is greatly missed by many.